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Free Word Counter is a free online word counter, character counter, letter counter, word frequency counter, and more. Just type or paste your characters into the text box and click the "Count Words" button. Top Benefits of a Word Count Tool

Paste your text below and click the "Count Words" button and see the results below. No HTML is Allowed. 10,000 character max.

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Word Counter Results

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What is Free Word Counter?

To call this tool a word counter is a little limiting. Free Word Counter is a tool that helps editors, content providers, SEO experts, writers, poets, students, and even companies to manage their content and creative writings while improving communication skills.

It not only helps you track your progress as a writer quantitatively but also qualitatively. Our tool is very efficient when it comes to counting the lines in a poem, or the number of sentences and words used in a student report and more.

Why Use a Word Count Tool?

It’s a myth that only when writing web content do you have to manage the number of your words. Attention spans of people are changing, and the length of your writing is becoming more critical. It is essential to understand your audience and their particular attention span. This is a primary reason why you should use a word counting tool. But, there is more.

1. Details

A word count tool like FreeWordCounter gives you an accurate report about the content you write including the number of characters, sentences, and paragraphs, lines, words, and word frequency. We help you keep track of information that facilitates better readability.

2. Word Frequency

One of the essential benefits of our tool is its keyword density or word frequency feature. Word frequency needs to be taken into consideration every time you’re writing. The better the keywords, the better your chances are to find your way up the search engine. That's only part of the benefit of this tool. The overuse of certain words can be a sign of an immature writer; thus you want to know how often you are using these words.

4. Syllable Counter and Cliche Finder

FreeWordCounter provides access to the best syllable counter and Cliche Finder in the world. |

A free word count tool like FreeWordCounter is both user-friendly and extremely nuanced in the information it provides It can be used by anyone and everyone who can benefit a lot from it.